Plasma Pen- The newest anti-aging tool…

As we age our skin thins, less collagen is produced and elasticity wears out. These changes cause skin to wrinkle and sag, in the simplest terms, our skin loses laxity and texture as we grow older.

The ultimate purpose of the newest tool used for skin rejuvenation “The Plasma Pen” is to dramatically repair, reverse and mitigate all these effects and to deliver a more youthful appearance that dramatically combats the ageing process by using state-of-the-art plasma technology that is based on proven science.

The Plasma Pen works by converting electrical energy into an electrostatic energy which is then transmitted by impulse to stimulate fibroblast cells.  The release of this energy forces an immediate contraction of the skin tissues and causes a thermal disruption which stimulates collagen, neo-collagenisation and a release of growth factors. This thermal disruption causes excess loose skin to dry superficially into crusts which then flake off in the form of dandruff within a few days of treatment revealing newly refreshed, tightened and youthful skin.

Plasma Pen is well-suited to rejuvenate many areas of the face and body with the most popular treatment being around the eye area such as crow’s feet, upper and lower lids and tear troughs.

Benefits of Plasma Pen:

-Non-surgical, no injections, no incisions.

-Safe and effective

-FDA approved treatment

-Long lasting results (up to 2 years)

-Brightens & improves tone, texture and elasticity

-Tightens loose skin

-Affordable treatments

-Minimal downtime

-Fast (usually less than an hour) treatment times


Treatment Areas:

-Almost anywhere there is loose or sagging skin on face & body

-Upper and lower eyelids

-Crow’s feet

-Upper and lower lip

-Stretch marks

-Nasolabial folds (parenthesis around your mouth)

-Jowls & jawline

-Tear Troughs

-Knees & Elbows

-Neck “turkey neck”


-Acne scars

-Frown lines “the 11’s”

-Marionette lines

-Smoker’s lines



Does the Plasma Pen treatment hurt?  Most patients do not report pain during treatment but they may feel a tingling sensation which can cause minor discomfort.  Topical anesthetic is used during the treatment to minimize pain and increase patient comfort.


How long do the results last?  Results of the Plasma Pen treatment are long lasting and patients can expect noticeable results for a minimum 1-3 years (sometimes longer) depending on lifestyle and skin type.


How many treatments are needed?  Each treatment plan is customized to the patient. Some patients will only require one treatment to reach desired results while others will need multiple sessions in order to achieve a more comprehensive rejuvenation.


What is the recovery like?  When compared to surgery, Plasma Pen recovery is minimal, but you should expect redness, inflammation, swelling and crusting/scabbing that can last up to 10 days after treatment.  There is no physical restriction from typical activities but it is important to avoid sun exposure and intense physical exercise. You may also want to plan for up to one week of “social downtime” and following aftercare protocol is vitally important.


Am I a candidate for Plasma Pen?  If you are seeking a non-surgical solution to correct hyperpigmentation, loose skin or visible signs of aging, then Plasma Pen might be the right treatment option. Plasma Pen works best on light to medium complexions and may not be appropriate for patients with dark skin or those who scar easily.


How soon can I expect to see results?  You will typically see immediate tightening of the skin along with cumulative and progressive improvements over the next three months following treatment.