Ink Off –  Tattoo Removal is a Booming Business:


In recent years tattoos have soared in popularity especially among the millennial population so much so that tattoos, body art, body piercing and tattoo removal now make up a $3 billion industry that is still growing.


Today over 1/3 of all 25-29 year olds have at least one tattoo and women comprise half of that statistic.


With tattoos and tattoo shops becoming a part of mainstream culture, the popularity continues to span across all demographics and with this expansion also comes an increase prevalence of “tattoo regret”.  It makes sense that the more people that are getting tattoos, the more people there are out there regretting their decision. Lives change, divorce happens, careers shift and what once seemed like a “great idea” now might have that same person wishing they never got that “ink”.


For example 10 years ago, Mary Bright of Phoenix paid just $60 for a small heart tattoo surrounding her then husband’s name on her lower back, fast forward to a divorce and now a new relationship, Mary is ready to permanently “erase” that memory with Laser Tattoo Removal treatments.


It is going to take Mary between 5-25 laser treatments with each treatment costing at least double her initial investment ($600-$1500 in total) in order to finally close that chapter of her life.


Mary is not alone in this dilemma so therefore the tattoo removal industry has grown over 500 percent in the last decade with no indication that it will slow down anytime soon.


Some of the most common reasons for clients to seek out laser tattoo removal include career opportunities, lifestyle changes, military requirements or making room for new and updated “art”. Yes, lots of people seeking out tattoo removal are doing so simply to change up a design, or fix an outdated or poor quality tattoo.  This is so popular that some tattoo parlors are now offering the service or savvy entrepreneur’s are seeing an opportunity and opening up shop right next door.


Tattoo removal is done by using a strong medical grade laser that uses powerful energy and light to break up the ink into tiny particles, which are then removed and flushed away by the body’s lymphatic system.


Although becoming more common, tattoo removal is not painless, fast or cheap and total removal of a tattoo might not be possible.  The new brighter inks are harder to remove and the most difficult colors to target are green and blue. The easiest tattoos to remove are the ones that are just plain black ink and that are placed more superficially. The deeper, more vibrant versions are much more stubborn that will require more treatments and total removal might not be possible.


Laser Tattoo Removal does not come without risk, which makes it very important to always seek out a safe, medical based environment when shopping for this service.  Clients that have been treated in a non-medical environment increase their risk of complications, which include incomplete fading, hypopigmentation, burns, blisters, wounds, infection and even permanent scarring.  Any laser treatment should be overseen by a medical director and be done in a safe medical environment. Non-medical clinics don’t have the skills or knowledge that is necessary to effectively and safely manage complications.


As for Mary, she is satisfied with her service but says she will never get another tattoo and warns people to really “think before ink”.  Although tattoos are super popular, chances are whatever you are putting on your body today, might be something you will regret in the future. Because fashion and lifestyles are constantly changing chances are at some time you might find yourself seeking out laser tattoo removal for yourself.